Quiz: 11-Year-Old With Strabismus Since Birth

An 11-year-old female presents with strabismus noted since birth. Uncorrected visual acuity is 20/20 (6/6) right eye and 20/32 (6/9.5) left eye. In the primary position, she measures 25 PD of exotropia. Her 9-gaze position motility pattern is shown here:

32 thoughts on “Quiz: 11-Year-Old With Strabismus Since Birth”

  1. Nice case we encounter it many time in on our clinic it may be confusing some times to young ophthalmologists

  2. Unusual to have reduced vision in the fixing left eye and 6/6 in the right non-fixing eye, would expect it to be the other way around….

  3. if there was No exotropia with the leash phenomenon, can we recess the LR, or only to split the muscle??


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