Quiz: History of Floaters in Both Eyes

A 37-year-old black female presents with a one-week history of floaters in both eyes. Corrected visual acuity is 20/30 (6/9.5) right eye and 20/20 (6/6) left eye. Anterior segment examination is normal but the posterior segments are notable for 2+ vitreous cells on the right and 1+ vitreous cells on the left with inferior “snowballs” in both eyes. Additionally, the right eye has a 2-disc-diameter, elevated, white retinal lesion adjacent to the nasal aspect of the optic nerve as seen in this photo. Posterior pole of the left eye is unremarkable.

Authors: Fernando Pellerano, MD, Denis Jusufbegovic, MD | Indiana University School of Medicine, Glick Eye Institute, Indianapolis, USA

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  1. Thank Dr Adeteunde for good topic about eye disease. We do appreciate you have another presentation about floaters.

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  2. Today I saw a young man in his twenties complaining of sudden vision of floaters.
    I’m starting by available simple B-Scan and OCT.
    Then start systemic check.

    Thank you.

    • Muchas gracias! excelente y didáctica forma de enseñanza. Tengo dificultades para la traducción! Saludos cordiales!


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