Quiz: Skin Lesion on Lower Eyelid

A 55-year-old male presents with a skin lesion of the right lower eyelid for the past 6 months. He reports that it has increased in size over that time and that it has not responded to warm compresses. It has not bled but it is itchy and irritating. At one point he “squeezed part of the bump off” but it “grew back and remained hard”.

His past medical history is notable for hypertension and psoriasis, but he has no prior eye-related issues. His family history is positive for leukemia affecting his father and lung cancer in his mother. He has a history of smoking, currently uses a vape device, and consumes 2-3 alcoholic drinks per day.

A comprehensive eye examination is performed and is notable only for the 6x4mm, dusky red, dome-shaped lesion of his right lower eyelid as seen in the photograph below.

Author: Lucas Rowe, MD. Indiana University School of Medicine, Glick Eye Institute, Indianapolis, USA.

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  1. I really found this quiz very informative. It was clear and easy to follow. The explanations were also clear and concise. Thank you!

    • Hi Dr. Albert – thanks for your question. The treatment is discussed in the third question of the quiz, and you will also find a link there to a related lecture to learn more. Hope this helps! 😊


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