Cybersight in Conversation Part I: Living Boldly with Blindness

In this Cybersight conversation, Chris McMenemy interviews Ann-Chadwell Humphries on her twenty plus years journey with blindness and why these concepts shift language, perceptions of blindness, and new standards expected of healthcare professionals.

Ann-Chadwell Humphries, Columbia, SC is an RN/registered nurse, has a masters in health policy, and graduate courses in Nursing and health facility design. She has practiced as a direct patient care provider, clinical trials research professional, and consultant on creating an ecosystem of patient-centric interactive experience by telephone, in person, and digital platforms. She has retinitis pigmentosa with some light perception. She is an advanced Voice Over user through her Apple iPhone and iPad. She can be contacted through Chris McMenemy.

Chris McMenemy is president of Ortmann Healthcare Consulting Services, a healthcare company that specializes in Ambulatory Surgery: development, licensure, information technology, equipment purchasing, etc. Chris is a member of the ORBIS Medical Advisory Committee and a consultant for accreditation of the Flying Eye Hospital. She attends an ORBIS program annually. Email: [email protected]


Photos of Ann


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Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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  1. Thanks for sharing this conversation. It made me think of things differently now. I feel like I was right there in the living room experiencing her life. Well done!


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