Lecture: Candid Conversations around Climate and Eye Health

VISION 2020: The Right to Sight-INDIA Knowledge Hub Presents this Webinar.

The effects of climate change are evident across the globe. Climate change poses a significant threat to eye health, and will increase the incidence of trachoma infections, vitamin A deficiency, cataracts, severe allergic eye diseases, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and other eye problems. Climate change and eye health are linked in a cause-and-effect cycle that threatens to undo decades of progress in global health.

Join this discussion, where sector experts will demystify the route to climate consciousness and share some useful insights on how we can reduce the harmful effects of climate change.

Lecturer: Mr. Shrikant Ayyangar, Lead – Communications, Mission for Vision and Member, Climate Action Working Group, International Agency for Prevention of Blindness

Panelists: Ms Mitasha Yu, Co-chair, Climate Action Work Group, International Agency for Prevention of Blindness

Mr. Manoj Edakkatil, Associate Director & Energy Management Consultant, L.V. Prasad Eye Institute

Last Updated: October 4, 2023

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