Lecture: Infectious Scleritis: Difficulties in Diagnosis and Management

Scleritis is a rare but grave inflammatory disorder. Although a majority of these cases are immune mediated, a smaller minority are due to infections of the sclera. The two conditions closely mimic each other, and knowledge of the differences aids in rapid diagnosis. If untreated these cases often have poor outcomes, both due to tissue destruction and also due to propagation of the infection with corticosteroids which may have been started for presumed immune mediated scleritis. In this lecture, we present the clinical features, etiological agents, and the differentiating features between immune and infectious scleritis. We also present diagnostic and management guidelines for managing scleral infection.

Lecturer: Dr. Somasheila Murthy, Ophthalmologist, LV Prasad Eye Institute, India

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January 31, 2021

Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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  1. Thanks a lot Dr. Murthy, your presentation was very clear and useful for me!
    I think will be very interesting to know the state of art of the differential diagnosis of non infectious scleritis. Regards


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