Lecture: Optometry Lecture Series: Low vision

VISION 2020: The Right to Sight-INDIA Knowledge Hub Presents this Webinar.

Understanding the importance of Low vision assessment in clinical practice, different procedures and instruments to assess low vision in clinic and for screening. This knowledge empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their patient’s eye health and would help them in proper management and rehabilitation.
Understanding the use of Low vision aids, different techniques and tools. This will give confidence to individuals to do low vision assessment on primary level which will help in management and rehabilitation.

• Provide an understanding about the importance of Low vision assessment
• Understanding the use of Low vision aids/tools to make quality of life better in low vision
• Enable individuals make informed decisions about proper referrals.Lecture: Topic Contact Lenses

Lecture: Low Vision Assessment
Speaker: Mr. Deepak Bagga (LVPEI)
Panelists: Ms. Jinal Zaveri, Ms. Ramya & Ms. Harshada

Lecture: Low Vision Devices & Rehabilitative Approach
Speaker: Ms. Devi Udayakumar
Panelists: Dr. Renu Thakur, Ms. Unnati Vaish & Ms. Harshada

Low Vision Devices & Rehabilitative Approach:

Last Updated: November 8, 2023

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