Lecture: Strengthening School Eye Health Programs in India

VISION 2020: The Right to Sight-INDIA Knowledge Hub Presents this Webinar.

In India, prioritizing the well-being of its extensive child population stands as a paramount objective. However, one often-overlooked facet of child health, pertains to their eye health. The prevalence of visual impairments among Indian school children is a substantial concern, necessitating a significant response. The school-based eye health programs in India are designed to deliver comprehensive eye care services to children, with an emphasis on early detection, timely intervention, and awareness. This initiative plays a pivotal role in the provision of vital support, including the distribution of eyeglasses to children in need.

Objectives and expected outcome:
To discuss enhancing accessibility to eye care services for children across India, especially in remote areas with limited access to healthcare facilities.
• To get insight into others’ experiences with school screening initiatives.
• To discuss various obstacles faced in implementing school screening programs, including issues
with funding, logistical challenges, and resistance from parents or school staff.
• To share strategies for overcoming these challenges, such as building partnerships with
community organizations, creating clear communication plans, and utilizing data to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs

Moderator: Mr Vinod Daniel: CEO, India Vision Institute

• Prof Kovin Naidoo: Global Head, Advocacy & Partnerships – OneSight Essilor Luxottica Foundation
• Dr Priya Morjaria: Head, Global Programme Design – Peek Vision
• Dr N Anuradha: Principal, Elite School of Optometry
• Ms Kumudha Thirunavukkarasu Head – Strategic Programs and Partnerships, India Vision Institute

Last Updated: November 9, 2023

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  1. I have been a part of the webinar on “Strengthening the child eye care ” ,it gave me clear Modus operandi of Comprehensive School Eye Screening in school. Dr. Anuradha Mam ‘s model of inclusion of students of school of optometry in the same and not running of numbers of children.Follow up is essential part of the program.
    Thanks a lot for including me to learn as I am running a charitable eye hospital in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.India


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