Manual: Wet Laboratory Manual for Ophthalmology Residents in Ethiopia

Laboratory practice based on wet or dry laboratories is a well-accepted method to acquire surgical skill before starting to do surgical procedures on human beings. A wet laboratory practice is defined as doing wide range of laboratory experiments or analysis of various types of chemical or biological materials.

The objective of this wet lab manual is to provide ophthalmology residents a clear guideline on what he/she is expected to perform during the practice session. The manual focuses mainly on the use of operating microscope and performing different types of intraocular surgical procedures emphasizing on cataract, cornea and glaucoma surgical procedures. The manual has a total of nine wet laboratory practices and each practice has the background part describing the practice, the objective of the practice, materials needed to perform the practice and also includes Practical Instructions on how to perform the practice.

Download Wet Laboratory Manual for Ophthalmology Residents in Ethiopia

Prepared by: Dr. Yared Assefa, (Ass. Professor, Anterior Segment), Department of Ophthalmology, University of Gondar

Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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