Ophthalmic Educators’ Resources

At Orbis International, we are working to integrate blended-learning methodology into our training programs at a global level.

Orbis has created course content that can stand alone for online learners, but is best when paired with hands-on training in a blended-learning approach.  Full blended-learning curricula can be found on this page.  The curricula outline a series of modules that are sequential and competency-based.  Online modules can be found here on Cybersight, and ophthalmic educators can use the curricula to structure training at their hospital.

Orbis Clinical Training team has produced new resources that visually outline and highlight all relevant sub-specialty resources readily available for use and tailoring as needed. Each brochure provides links and descriptions of all clinical training resources developed by Orbis that can be adapted and integrated into programs and curricula by partners. Please find the brochures below and review for further instruction and support as needed.


MSICS Training Resources





Last Updated: September 26, 2023

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