Ophthalmic Nursing Competency Assessment Rubrics

The Orbis “Ophthalmic Nursing Competency Assessment Rubrics,” (Orbis-ONCARs) were designed to guide nursing educators to deliver training in nursing skills and assess the competency of nurses. An ONCAR is intended to assess the skills of scrub nurses and technicians without formal training in ophthalmic areas, have recently entered into ophthalmic nursing, or are early in their career. These rubrics can be utilized during nursing simulation and live training. The rubric is paper-based, easy to use, and can be downloaded freely below. Specific instructions for use are outlined in the rubrics. They can be adapted and translated to fit your needs, but please include Orbis attribution. We suggest pairing this training rubric with other Orbis nursing education tools available on Cybersight, including but not limited following the suggested blended learning approach outlined in the Ophthalmic Educators’ Resources.

Download the ONCAR Scrub Nurse/Technician (English)

Download the ONCAR Scrub Nurse/Technician (Español)

Last Updated: May 15, 2023

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