Quiz: Solitary, Dysplastic Kidney With Blurred Vision

A 7-year-old male born with a solitary, dysplastic kidney and considered to be in stage 4 chronic kidney disease, presented to the eye clinic with a complaint of blurred vision. The best corrected visual acuity in each eye was 20/30. Anterior and posterior segment examinations were normal except for macular lesions in both eyes (see photos).

The left eye had a classic vitelliform macular lesion while the right eye showed a lesser, nondescript, yellowish foveal lesion surrounded by hyperpigmentation, just below which was a small retinal hemorrhage. Family history revealed no other known affected members and the patient has no siblings. Fundus photographs and OCT images are shown below.

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    • Hi Omara Alfred Daniel,

      Thank you for your question.

      The right eye fundus photo is a single photo centered on the macula. The left eye photo is a wide angle collage centered on the optic nerve and created from several different photos pasted together.


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