RIIO Ophthalmology Onboarding

The RIIO Ophthalmology Onboarding Course was designed to help new residents gain the knowledge and skills to successfully function as members of an ophthalmology department during their first 2 months of residency. It is the follow on step to a vigorous recruitment process that helps us recruit the right doctors to join our program.

We at RIIO believe that when new residents are properly prepared, it reduces the risk to patient care and eases learning afterwards allowing them to perform their functions earlier and at a higher level. The trainees also reduce their level of stress in a new environment because they understand their roles and responsibilities, become familiar with the training institution quicker, understand the health system they are training under and appreciate the eye health landscape better.

We are happy to share this course which can be modified, adapted and definitely improved to meet the needs of individual training programs. At RIIO we have seen that successful onboarding led to new trainees having more confidence, more compliance to rules and policies, a better cultural fit and clarity of the needed competencies as they encounter eye patients for the first time.

Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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