Surgery: Traumatic Macular Hole

This video demonstrates surgery in a patient with traumatic macular hole. The hyaloid was detached from the hole and it was probably a grade 4 macular hole. The hyaloid was removed and the ILM was peeled after staining it with brilliant blue dye. Fluid air exchange was done at the end of the surgery using … Read more

Surgery: Penetrating Keratoplasty

This video demonstrates a penetrating keratoplasty surgery in a 28-year-old patient with a history of infectious keratitis. Dr. Pineda performed the corneal transplantation and there was no need for cataract extraction as the lens was clear. He explained his suturing technique and also spoke about the postoperative medication and follow-up. Surgery location: on-board the Orbis … Read more

Surgery: The 21st Century Scleral Buckle: Heads up with a Chandelier

In this video, Dr. Riemann uses a 3D heads-up display, digital enhancement and the Alcon Chandelier endoillumination lighting system to perform scleral buckling and cryotherapy for a retinal detachment. Surgeon: Dr. Chris Reimann, Cincinnati Eye Institute, USA Transcript (To translate please select your language to the right of this page) DR RIEMANN: The diagnosis of … Read more

Surgery: Trabeculectomy

This video demonstrates a routine trabeculectomy surgery in a 14-year-old young woman with a chronic angle closure glaucoma. A 2.5 mm scleral flap was fashioned in a square shape and a peripheral iridectomy was performed. The scleral flap and the conjunctiva were closed with sutures. The anterior chamber was well formed and the bleb was … Read more

Surgery: Ahmed Valve Implant

This video demonstrates a routine Ahmed Valve Implant surgery through a fornix based peritomy. Dr. Brandt created a scleral tunnel for the tube to travel from the plate to the anterior chamber. Surgeon: Dr. James Brandt, University of California, Davis Transcript DR BRANDT: This is a gentleman in whom we’re going to place an Ahmed … Read more

Surgery: Phacoemulsification and Ahmed Valve Implant

This video demonstrates ahmed valve implant and phacoemulsification in a female patient with angle closure glaucoma, short axial length, big lens diameter an pseudoexfoliation. Dr. Alward implanted the Ahmed plate first, finished the phacoemulsification part of the procedure and then completed the tube implant. Surgeon: Dr. Wallace Alward, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine Transcript DR … Read more

Surgery: Medial Rectus Recession in a 65prism Diopters Esotropia Case

This video demonstrates a medial rectus recession surgery in a 15-year-old patient with esotropia. The MR recession was done in both eyes but only the right eye is demonstrated here. Dr. Wagner performed this MR recession through a limbal incision. Surgeon: Dr. Rudolph Wagner, Rutgers – New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ USA Transcript DR … Read more