Cirugía: Facoemulsificación para Principiantes

Este video demuestra los fundamentos de la cirugía de facoemulsificación en detalle y es recomendado para residentes y cirujanos de cataratas principiantes. Cirujano: Dr. Wyche T. Coleman, III, Willis-Knighton Eye Institute, Shreveport, EE. UU. Transcripción Este es el Dr. Wyche Coleman. Este video pretende ser un video fundamental de cataratas. Hay muchos videos en la … Read more


传统的“青白联合术”指白内障超声乳化人工晶状体植入联合小梁切除术,随着对疾病的认识的进展及新的手术方式的出现,“青白联合术”又包括了新的组合方式。本次讨论会中,杜秀娟医生将对目前的“青白联合”方式及适应症进行阐述和讨论。 主讲人:杜秀娟医生,山东中医药大学附属眼科医院青光眼科主任 下载幻灯片 PDF 2022年8月22日

Lecture: Surgical Solutions for Dislocated IOLs

During this lecture, we discuss causes, preoperative assessment, IOL exchange considerations, and techniques for maintaining and fixating the dislocated IOL. Questions received from registration and during the webinar are also discussed. Lecturer: Dr. Cathleen McCabe, Chief Medical Officer, Eye Health America, Florida, USA Transcript Available soon! Download Slides PDF August 1, 2022

Quiz: Subluxation of the Crystalline Lens

A 5-year-old male presents with decreased vision in both eyes. Uncorrected visual acuity is 6/120 right eye and 6/95 left eye. Slit lamp examination reveals that both eyes have the condition shown in the photo. What could be happening? Start Quiz  


一名69岁的女性前来接受常规眼科检查。由于去年一年视力略有下降,她担心她白内障有进展。在裂隙灯显微镜照明下对角膜进行检查,发现细颗粒状混浊,如两幅图(带箭头)所示。     开始测试  

Lecture: Phacoemulsification Top Tips and Discussion of Medical Retina Cases

During this live webinar, Dr. Gupta will cover surgical and medical retina learning points from cases seen in the last 12 months. While supervising surgical residents during cataract phacoemulsification it occasionally becomes apparent that previous surgical habits do not quite work. Using video examples, we will review such cases and discuss techniques to help prevent … Read more

Lecture: 2nd Annual Crandall Cataract Conference

Join five of the world’s leading phaco surgeons in a live, video-based review of their best techniques for managing complications and challenging situations encountered by most cataract surgeons. Each faculty member will present a 5 minute compilation video, with panel discussions and audience Q&A to follow. Examples topics will include anterior capsular tear, PCR/vitreous loss, … Read more