Quiz: Subluxation of the Crystalline Lens

A 5-year-old male presents with decreased vision in both eyes. Uncorrected visual acuity is 6/120 right eye and 6/95 left eye. Slit lamp examination reveals that both eyes have the condition shown in the photo. What could be happening? Start Quiz  


一名69岁的女性前来接受常规眼科检查。由于去年一年视力略有下降,她担心她白内障有进展。在裂隙灯显微镜照明下对角膜进行检查,发现细颗粒状混浊,如两幅图(带箭头)所示。     开始测试  


近几年,白内障摘除联合房角分离术治疗闭角型青光眼成为更多医生的选择。但是行业尚缺乏统一的操作标准。医生操作方式不同,治疗的并发症及效果也不同。在房角镜直视下和粘弹剂保护下进行精确的房角分离是目前备受推崇的方式,尤其是针对一些慢性闭角型青光眼的治疗。本次在线手术讲解研讨会,李军副主任将针对如何标准使用术中直接房角镜,从而更精准进行房角分离的操作技巧展开直观详细的讲解。 主讲人:李军,沈阳何氏眼科医院副主任医师。 下载幻灯片 PDF 2022年4月24日

Surgery: MSICS for the Phaco Surgeon

Many anterior segment surgeons, trained primarily to perform phacoemulsification, have relatively little experience with manual small incision cataract surgery ( MSICS). The ability to perform MSICS, however, should be in every cataract surgeon’s skill set. In select cases with extremely dense nuclei and/or endothelial dystrophy, a well-performed MSICS procedure can provide a superior surgical option … Read more

Lecture: Surgical Management of Congenital Cataracts

This live webinar will discuss the step-by-step surgical technique of basic, straight forward congenital cataract cases with and without intraocular lens implantation. Postoperative visual rehabilitation will also be discussed. Lecturer: Dr. Nihal Shakankiry, Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Alexandria, Egypt Transcript DR SHAKANKIRY: My name is Nihal Shakankiry, I’m professor of ophthalmology in Alexandria University … Read more

Surgery: Phacoemulsification for Beginners

This video demonstrates the fundamentals of phacoemulsification surgery in detail and is recommended for residents and beginner cataract surgeons. Surgeon: Dr. Wyche T. Coleman, III, Willis-Knighton Eye Institute, Shreveport, USA Transcript [Wyche] This is Dr. Wyche Coleman. This video is intended to be a cataract fundamental video. There are many videos on the web that … Read more