Lecture: Statistics in Medicine Part IV: Linear Regression and ANOVA

During this live lecture the following are discussed: Understanding linear regression How does correlation coefficient help us interpret data? F Test, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and comparison of group means Linear regression and ANOVA are some of the most commonly used tools in interpreting medical research data. One needs to understand how to interpret data … Read more

Lecture: Statistics in Medicine Part III: Estimating Risk

The modern medicine is a lot about numbers: chances of this being an infection, chances of failure a treatment, chances of complication from a surgery. All these numbers are usually presented as a RISK percentage. Making sense of this percentage is a little more difficult than making sense of the “Flat 50% off” percentage. And … Read more

Lecture: Statistics in Medicine Part II: Interpreting Probability Values

During this live lecture we discuss the following: Concepts of p values, confidence intervals, statistical and clinical significance Examples to demonstrate interplay of these factors Journal examples to define approach to interpreting clinically useful results Lecturer: Dr. Vivek Dave MD, DNB, FRCS, FICO Transcript (To translate please select your language to the right of this … Read more