Lecture: Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology

During this live webinar, a panel of global experts presents new developments in ophthalmic artificial intelligence (AI). Topics covered include: best practices for data collection, regulatory hurdles in various global markets and specific proposals for integrating AI into clinical practice. The session concludes with a panel discussion including audience questions/answers to enhance the learning experience. … Read more


传统的“青白联合术”指白内障超声乳化人工晶状体植入联合小梁切除术,随着对疾病的认识的进展及新的手术方式的出现,“青白联合术”又包括了新的组合方式。本次讨论会中,杜秀娟医生将对目前的“青白联合”方式及适应症进行阐述和讨论。 主讲人:杜秀娟医生,山东中医药大学附属眼科医院青光眼科主任 下载幻灯片 PDF 2022年8月22日

Lecture: Malignant Glaucoma: From Mild to Major

During this webinar, we will discuss the varied presentations of malignant glaucoma, the proposed underlying mechanisms, as well as treatment strategies. Questions received from registration and during the webinar will also be discussed. Lecturer: Dr. Jody Piltz-Seymour, Director, Glaucoma Care Center at Valley Eye Professionals, Wills Eye Hospital Attending Staff, Pennsylvania, USA Transcript DR PILTZ-SEYMOUR: … Read more


青光眼的治疗方法有药物,激光和手术。其中,小梁切除术是经典的外滤过手术,而微创内引流手术则是未来青光眼手术的主流。本次研讨会中,程素棉医生主要探讨了复合式小梁切除术的适应症,禁忌症操作要点及并发症处理,并且简单介绍未来手术趋势微创内引流手术基本情况。 主讲人:程素棉医生,河北省眼科医院眼科主任医师。 下载幻灯片 PDF 2022年6月20日

Lecture: Glaucoma Drainage Device Implants Made Easy

During this live webinar we will show different techniques of Glaucoma Drainage Device (GDD) Implants both valved and non-valved. We will also show the preferred surgical procedure. Surgical pearls will be discussed including common perioperative complications and how they can be avoided. In addition GDD implants in some challenging situations will be discussed. Lecturer: Dr. … Read more

Quiz: Blunt Trauma Injury and Small Hyphema

A young adult male presents for follow-up following blunt trauma injury and a small hyphema of the left eye two weeks prior. On examination, you perform gonioscopy and notice the finding visible in the photo. What could be happening? Start Quiz  

演讲:青光眼手术: 小梁切除术及其他

小梁切除术为青光眼中最主要的手术治疗方法,本次研讨会中,何颖流医生主要探讨了手术的做法及需注意的重点,以及术前术后的护理,并简介了其他的手术治疗方法。 主讲人:何颖流医生,香港大学名誉临床助理教授。 下载幻灯片 PDF 2022年5月22日