Lecture: Corneal Infection in Post-COVID Convalescence

In summary, post-COVID immune changes in the body are less well understood. During this live webinar, we will cover concomitant keratitis in the setting of post-COVID vaccination and/or recovery from COVID. Lecturer: Dr. Aravind Roy, LV Prasad Eye Institute, India Transcript DR ROY: Hello, everyone. Today we shall be discussing a very unique entity of … Read more

Lecture: Quality for Me

VISION 2020: The Right to Sight-INDIA Knowledge Hub Presents this Webinar. Quality Care as a part of daily fabric of a hospital is achievable, sustainable, and equally applicable to both government and not-for-profit and private hospitals. It gives visibility to the organization and sets it apart from others in the community. Standardization helps to create … Read more

Lecture: Mucormycosis in the COVID Era

Rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis has emerged as an epidemic within the COVID-19 pandemic. Its treatment requires a multi-disciplinary approach, and therefore there is a need for consensus among clinicians for a common management protocol. During this lecture, the doctors discuss different clinical manifestations observed in different specialties and their treatment approach. This will help us reach a … Read more

Lecture: Hospital Accreditation & COVID-19

Accreditation is a critical process to promote safety and demonstrate the safety of a facility through its compliance with rigorous standards. The COVID-19 pandemic has made all aspects of accreditation, especially infection prevention and emergency preparedness, more relevant. Patients are now more aware of these areas of clinical practice; therefore, facilities need to deal with … Read more

Manual: Comprehensive Guidelines For OPD/IPD Services in Ophthalmology

This document titled “Comprehensive Guidelines For OPD/ IPD Services in Ophthalmology Hospitals/ Clinics Under New Normal: Living With Covid-19” is an excellent compilation of best practices to contain the spread of COVID-19 in a healthcare facility in general and eye care facility in particular. These comprehensive set of guidelines, based on several references from across … Read more