Lecture: Infection Prevention in Ophthalmic Nursing

This live webinar will provide an overview of the essential steps taken to prevent infection in an ophthalmic surgical environment. During the first half of the presentation we will review infection control standards, TASS, sterile processing, and accreditation preparedness in a post-covid world through the lens of the ophthalmic nurse in a surgical environment. The … Read more

Lecture: Sterile Processing of Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments

During this live webinar, best practices in processing ophthalmic surgical instruments with considerations in decontamination, sterilization, storage and quality control will be demonstrated. Lecturer: Lori Pacheco, RN, CRNO, Orbis International, USA Transcript [Lori] Hi, everyone. Welcome, good morning, good evening, good afternoon to all of our partners here around the world. I’m very happy to … Read more

Lecture: Ophthalmic Nursing from Around the World

Join us for a live webinar hosted in collaboration with the American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses in celebration of Nurses Week and International Nurses Day. A panel of international ophthalmic nurses will describe the roles they play in global health, ophthalmic disease prevention, patient education, and the global challenges they may face. Transcript [Lori] … Read more

Lecture: Pediatric Eye Examination for Nurses: A Guide for Primary Care Nurses

In this lecture, the basics of pediatric eye examination for primary care nurses are covered by Dr. Neely. The lecture contains the overview of the prevalence of blindness, anatomy of the eye, diseases of the eye, basic eye examination and supplemental videos. Narrator: Dr. Daniel Neely. Created by Orbis International and the KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa … Read more

Ophthalmic Nursing Competency Assessment Rubrics

The Orbis “Ophthalmic Nursing Competency Assessment Rubrics,” (Orbis-ONCARs) were designed to guide nursing educators to deliver training in nursing skills and assess the competency of nurses. An ONCAR is intended to assess the skills of scrub nurses and technicians without formal training in ophthalmic areas, have recently entered into ophthalmic nursing, or are early in … Read more

Lecture: Decontamination and Sterilization of Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments

During this live webinar, Lori Pacheco will discuss best practices in sterile processing. Topics include the decontamination phase, the various methods of sterilization with advantages and disadvantages of each, quality control, and storage/return to the sterile field. Lecturer: Lori Pacheco, RN, CRNO, Orbis International Transcript MS PACHECO: Hi, everyone. Welcome! My name is Lori. Thank … Read more

Manual: Primary Eye Care Training

The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance in the design, implementation and evaluation of a course that aims to build and strengthen the capacity of health personnel to manage eye patients at primary-level health facilities in the African Region.  The course falls within the remit of continuous professional development in its broadest sense.  … Read more