Lecture: Common Oculoplastic Surgeries: A Nurse’s View

Oculoplastic surgery involves the orbit, eyelids, tear ducts and the face. Many patients experience droopy eyelids (ptosis), eyelid malposition (entropion/ectropion & Bell’s palsy) and lacrimal plumbing issues (inadequate drainage). This webinar reviews the diagnosis, surgical repair as well as the nurse’s role in the pre/post-operative care of the patient. Lecturer: “Nurse Sandy”, Sandy Burnett, RN, … Read more

Ophthalmic Operating Theatre Practice: A Manual for Lower-Resource Settings

Editor Heather Machin builds upon the first edition of the manual and the Ophthalmic Nursing Series in the Community Eye Health Journal.  She incorporates the expertise of more than 33 other authors and her own widespread international experience to produce an up to date, comprehensive, professional and very practical manual for all eye care professionals.  … Read more

Volume I: Ophthalmic Nursing

Ophthalmic nursing encompasses many subspecialty nursing skills and areas of knowledge including clinical assessment and triage, pre-operative preparation, surgical intervention, anesthetics, post-operative recovery, instrument cleaning, medical treatment and evaluation, patient education and advocacy, and management. Before we are able to function as a member of the ophthalmic nursing team, there are particular basic skills which, … Read more