Quiz: Epiphora & Blurred Vision

This 78-year-old male presents with complaints of blurred vision, discomfort, and epiphora. Pinhole visual acuity is 20/80 right eye and 20/100 left eye. Moderate cataracts are present bilaterally. What could be happening? Start Quiz  


一位56岁的女性,注意到自己几个月来左眼视力下降。右眼视力为20/20(6/6, 1.0),左眼视力为20/60(6/18, 0.3),左眼有相对性传入性瞳孔障碍。患者眼底如下图所示。     开始测试  


一名78岁白人女性,有甲状腺功能减退、骨质疏松和开角型青光眼病史,在过去一个月内出现左眼睑红肿和刺激症状。这种刺激未导致眼痛或视力改变。有轻微的流泪和眼红,但无分泌物。家族史、社会生活史和过敏均非致病因素。全面问诊无异常发现。 双眼视力、瞳孔检查、眼压、活动性和对比视野检查均正常。 外眼检查如下图所示。眼前节检查仅发现左眼鼻侧轻度结膜充血以及左眼鼻侧角膜有轻度点状上皮缺损。散瞳眼底检查仅发现双眼轻度杯盘比扩大。   开始测试  

Quiz: Eyelid Nodules

A 13-year-old female presents with complaints of multiple eyelid nodules for one month. Past ocular, medical, medication, family, and social histories are all unremarkable. Visual acuity is 20/20 uncorrected in each eye and the eye examination is notable for only the findings visible in these photographs of the right eye. Start Quiz  

Quiz: Eye Mass Since Birth

A 7-year-old boy presents with a right eye mass present since birth. He has no pain or other symptoms. What could be happening? Start Quiz  

Lecture: Entropion: When Lids Rub You the Wrong Way

Entropion is a common involutional lid malposition that in addition to causing discomfort, can cause lasting damage to the cornea. This webinar will review the underlying anatomy, causes of involutional entropion and equip the viewer with strategies for surgical repair. Lecturer: Dr. Tamara Fountain, Professor of Ophthalmology, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, USA Transcript DR … Read more

Lecture: Lacrimal Duct Obstruction in Children

Congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction (CNLDO) is by far the most common cause of epiphora and periocular discharge in infants. During this webinar we will discuss the differential diagnosis and management of various cases of CNLDO. Endoscopic probing and syringing, intubations, and DCR have recently been more widely accepted than routine probing and syringing with more … Read more

小测试: 眼睑增厚

一位40岁男性,过去两年中上眼睑慢性隐匿性增厚。他觉得现在增厚的眼睑已经阻碍了他的视力。他没有有临床参考意义的既往病史,也没有在服用任何药物。     开始测试  

Quiz: Proptosis, Erythema & Edema

This 14-year-old girl presented with a one-month history of intermittent proptosis, erythema, and edema of her right eye. There is no history of trauma or preceding upper respiratory infection. The symptoms have become worse over the last 6 days. Her visual acuity is 6/30 in the right eye and 6/6 in the left eye. What … Read more