Lecture: How to Build a Retinoblastoma Program

During this lecture, we discuss barriers and solutions to building a regional retinoblastoma center of excellence. We highlight programs that have succeeded in face of obstacles and celebrate their successes. Lecturer: Dr. Matthew W. Wilson, Professor of Ophthalmology, Hamilton Eye Institute/University of Tennessee, USA Download Slides PDF July 1, 2022

Lecture: Retinoblastoma Care and Research Updates for 2022

During this live webinar, we will discuss the latest advancements in retinoblastoma clinical care and new research findings. Clinical topics will include roles of treatment modalities including systemic, intraarterial and intravitreal chemotherapy, as well as laser, cryo and brachytherapy. We will then talk about new genetic findings and therapeutic prospects in this pediatric eye cancer, … Read more

小测验: 偶发闪光感

一位65岁的白人男性,偶有闪光感,因眼部色素沉着而被外部眼科医师转诊至您处。患者有多种心脏病史,每年吸烟量达到30包。双眼视力、眼压、瞳孔及眼前节检查均正常。右眼散瞳眼底检查正常;左眼如图所示。超声,包括A超和B超,显示有一个20 x 17 x 8mm的实性病变,内部反射率低,没有巩膜外延伸的迹象。     开始测试  

Quiz: Progressive Periocular Swelling

An otherwise healthy 55-year-old male presented with a history of 18 months of tearing in the right eye and progressive periocular swelling near his right brow.  There was no eye pain, vision loss, or diplopia.  Examination revealed best corrected visual acuity of 20/20 in both eyes with normal intraocular pressure, motility, and pupils.  External exam … Read more