Lecture: How to Build a Retinoblastoma Program

During this lecture, we discuss barriers and solutions to building a regional retinoblastoma center of excellence. We highlight programs that have succeeded in face of obstacles and celebrate their successes. Lecturer: Dr. Matthew W. Wilson, Professor of Ophthalmology, Hamilton Eye Institute/University of Tennessee, USA Download Slides PDF July 1, 2022


一名2个月大的白人男婴的家人因担心男婴视力前来就诊。父母双方都没有任何眼部异常。请在回答前,先观看一下视频:   开始测试

Quiz: Subluxation of the Crystalline Lens

A 5-year-old male presents with decreased vision in both eyes. Uncorrected visual acuity is 6/120 right eye and 6/95 left eye. Slit lamp examination reveals that both eyes have the condition shown in the photo. What could be happening? Start Quiz  

Quiz: 40 Prism Diopter Esotropia

A 4-year-old male presents with a 40 prism diopter (PD) esotropia, present for the past few months. He is otherwise healthy and normal. At near fixation, the esotropia measures 55 PD. There is a fixation preference for the right eye but uncorrected visual acuities are normal at 20/20 in either eye and ocular motility is … Read more

Lecture: Myopia Control in Children: Low Concentration Atropine Drops

During this live webinar, we will discuss all the evidence of using low concentration atropine eye drops for myopia control in children. Topics will include: the concentration-dependent response, age-dependent response, washout out and rebound effect, long term efficacy, and when to start and stop treatment. Lecturer: Dr. Jason Yam, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, … Read more

小测试: “斑点”

一名15岁的女性因持续一个月感到疲劳而去急诊室就诊。患者自诉过去几天出现恶心呕吐,且伴有头痛,眼前有“黑点”。急诊室医护人员注意到她的眼睛周围有白色的环,因此请眼科医生会诊。     开始测试