Сэдэв: Зонхилон тохиолдох хүүхдийн нүдний эмгэгийн оношлогоо, эмчилгээ, хяналт

Энэхүү сургалтаар ЭХЭМҮТ-ийн эмч нар Монгол Улсад зонхилон тохиолдож буй хүүхдийн нүдний өвчний үед авах арга хэмжээний талаар ярилцав. Илтгэгч: ЭХЭМҮТ-ийн Хүүхдийн Нүдний Мэс Заслын тасгийн эмч нар June 11, 2019

Surgery: Pediatric Cataract Surgeries

In this video, Dr. Neely demonstrates a series of pediatric cataract surgeries. The first one is a 3-year-old child with a completely opaque lens. The capsule was stained, vitrectomy and bimanual techniques were used to aspirate the lens. The second patient is a 6-year-old child with traumatic cataract which has become completely white. The lens … Read more

Lecture: Pediatric Ophthalmology Questions & Answers: Part III

During this highly-interactive live webinar, the full hour will be dedicated to answering your questions about strabismus, pediatric cataract, pediatric glaucoma and pediatric oculoplastics. Lecturer: Dr. Daniel Neely, Pediatric Ophthalmologist and Professor of Ophthalmology | Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, USA Transcript DR NEELY: Well, greetings, everybody. I’m Dr. Daniel Neely, a pediatric ophthalmologist … Read more

Quiz: Monocular Elevation Deficiency

This 15-year-old girl presented with ptosis and inability to elevate the right eye past the horizontal median noted since early childhood, possibly since birth. Abduction and adduction of both eyes are normal.

Quiz: “Blotchy Spots”

This 15-year old female presented to the Emergency Department with fatigue for one month. She also complains of nausea and vomiting for the past several days with headaches and “blotchy spots” in her vision. The ED medical staff noted white rings around her eyes and therefore consulted ophthalmology.

Quiz: Infant with Abnormal Red Reflex

A 17-month-old male born at full-term with no significant past medical history presented for examination after the family noted strabismus with the left eye deviating inward. An abnormal red reflex was noted and these photographs represent the ophthalmic examination of the left eye. The right eye was normal.      

Quiz: Progressively Worsening Vision

An 8-year-old female presented with progressively worsening vision in the left eye over a 2-week time period. She is otherwise healthy and has a past ocular history of accommodative esotropia and amblyopia in the left eye, treated with hyperopic spectacle correction. On presentation, her vision was 20/20 in the right eye and 20/200 in the … Read more

Quiz: Gradual Painless Loss of Vision in One Eye

A 15-year-old female presents with gradual, painless loss of vision in the left eye over the past 2 months. She also complains of daily headaches, which are worse at the end of the day. Her vision is 20/20 in the right eye and 20/200 in the left eye. There is no afferent papillary defect. Anterior … Read more

Quiz: Acute Onset of Vision Loss

A 12-year-old previously healthy male presents with acute onset of vision loss in both eyes approximately two months ago while in school. He denies any other symptoms at the onset of vision loss. He denies any pain with eye movement, nausea, vomiting, or headaches. He is on no medications and has no history of prior eye problems. He … Read more