Surgery: Phacoemulsification in a Traumatic Cataract with Zonular Dehiscence

This video demonstrates phacoemulsification surgery using a capsular tension ring (CTR) in a patient who presented with a traumatic cataract and zonular dehiscence. Surgery Location: on-board the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, Hue, Vietnam Surgeon: Dr. Jeffrey Pong, Hong Kong   Transcript So as you can see, this is actually a traumatic cataract. This patient had … Read more

Surgery: Phacoemulsification

This video demonstrates a routine phacoemulsification surgery with detailed narration for each step. The surgeon used stop and chop technique for the nuclear removal and an IOL was implanted in the bag. Surgery Location: on-board the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica Surgeon: Dr. Sherif El-Defrawy, University of Toronto Transcript DR EL-DEFRAWY: So I like to … Read more

Live Surgical Demonstration: Basics of Phacoemulsification

During this 2-hour live surgical demonstration, two phacoemulsification cases were performed with step-by-step narration by the surgeon, who also took questions in real-time. Leture: Phacodynamics In this presentation, Dr. Mathur explainss the basics of phacodynamics. Surgery 1: Phaco Fluidics Understanding Phaco fluidics improves efficiency and increases patient safety during cataract surgery. This case will demonstrate … Read more

Lecture: Positive Pressure During Cataract Surgery

“Positive Pressure” at cataract surgery implies a shallow anterior chamber or elevated intraocular pressure. Causes for this positive pressure may be exogenous or endogenous. In this presentation, we use case examples to understand the causes and appropriate management strategies for the positive pressure. Lecturer: Dr. Samuel Masket, Advanced Vision Care, Clinical Professor, David Geffen School … Read more

Lecture: What I Wish I had Known for My 50 First Phacos

Learning phacoemulsification is fun but challenging! It is crucial to discuss the growing pains of the early surgical experience so that we can learn from each other, bend the surgical learning curve, and provide better care for our patients. In this webinar, we proceed step-by-step to review practical lessons that I have learned as a … Read more

Техника «ФакоЧоп» и другие продвинутые техники хирургии катаракты

Наша планета удивительна и разнообразна. В мире не существует двух абсолютно одинаковых людей с одинаковым характером. Так же катаракта многообразна и в разных клинических ситуациях требует особого подхода. Вы держите в руках не просто учебное пособие, а алгоритм выбора правильной технике и инструментария. Он позволит найти правильный подход к катаракте разной степени сложности. Совсем не … Read more

Lecture: Management of Malpositioned and Malfunctioning IOLs

In this lecture, Dr. Masket discusses the root causes for early and late malpositioned and malfunctioning IOLs and various methods for refixating or replacing them. Lecturer: Dr. Samuel Masket, Advanced Vision Care, Clinical Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Transcript (To translate please select your language to the right of this page) DR MASKET: Good … Read more

Lecture: Different Phaco Techniques for Different Types of Cataract

During this live webinar, different phaco techniques for different kinds of cataract, from soft, medium to hard, brown or black, posterior polar, intumescent, or with weak zonules are discussed. Lecturer: John E. Downing, MD, FACS, Clinical Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. In private practice in Bowling Green, KY, USA Transcript (To translate please … Read more

劈核及高阶超乳技术 处理复杂白内障手术的策略与技巧

白内障作为全球范围的一个眼科常见的致盲性疾病,长期以来一直受到广泛的社会关注。而近年来,随着超声乳化技术、眼科手术显微镜等新型技术及设备的问世和普及,以及世界各地白内障专家们的不断努力,使得白内障手术技术得以不断改良和创新,日趋完善。 本书的作者,参阅了大量的国内外专著及文献,结合自己的临床实际经验,撰写本书。书中采用了大量的图片,配以3D手术视频,生动而形象地为我们讲解了超声乳化劈核技术的相关知识,包括劈核技术的详细操作、超声乳化动力学理论、飞秒激光劈核手术以及临床相关并发症和处理方法等。既照顾到初学者的理论学习和正规过渡性训练知识,同时又能与时俱进,对已具备一定基础的医生进一步提高临床操作技巧而提供指导,是一部非常有临床参考价值的白内障劈核手术专著。 本书不仅详细比较了不同超声乳化劈核技术的特点及优势,同时更有作者以及其他白内障手术专家的宝贵临床经验及体会,将为在我国进一步推广劈核及高阶超乳技术,提高我国白内障手术水平,起到较大的推动作用。 劈核及高阶超乳技术 处理复杂白内障手术的策略与技巧 张万洲 医学博士 David F. Chang, MD 眼科临床教授 Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology 美国三藩市加州大学 University of California, San Francisco 美国加州三藩市 San Francisco, California 阿尔托斯眼科医师 Altos Eye Physicians 美国加州洛斯阿尔托斯 Los Altos, California