Surgery: Basics of Epiretinal Membrane Peeling with ICG

This video demonstrates some basic tips and techniques for epiretinal membrane peeling with ICG. Surgeon: John W. Kitchens, MD, Retina Associates of Kentucky, USA Transcript Dr. Kitchens: One of the most common procedures that we perform is an epiretinal membrane removal. And it’s always one of the most rewarding as well. Anytime I’m operating on … Read more

Lecture: Top Pearls from the DRCR Clinical Trials

Upon completion of this lecture, you will be able to: • Discuss the impact of DRCR on the management of DME • Identify the impact of DRCR studies on diabetic retinopathy • Articulate why/how/when to apply these “pearls” in the clinical setting Lecturer: John W. Kitchens, MD, Retina Associates of Kentucky, USA Transcript Dr. Kitchens: … Read more

Lecture: Championship Buckling

In this lecture Dr. Kitchens compares buckling with his favourite sport basketball. The lecture talks about the steps for a successful buckling and how to avoid failures by knowing when to buckle and when not to do a buckle. Lecturer: John W. Kitchens, MD, Retina Associates of Kentucky, USA Transcript Dr. Kitchens: All right, this … Read more

Lecture: The Future of Retina

In this lecture Dr. Kitchens shares his opinions about the future of retina. The lecture touches upon the current trends and the future of retina in 1-5 years, 5-9 years and in the distant future in the fields of Surgical retina, medical retina and the socioeconomic impacts of these advances. Lecturer: John W. Kitchens, MD, … Read more

Lecture: Management of Retinoblastoma

Retinoblastoma is one of the most treatable ocular tumours but with one of the worst outcomes if care is not taken to properly manage it on time. We will be discussing with a leading expert, emphasizing timing of treatment options like chemotherapy, TTT, brachytherapy and Radiotherapy and the role they have to play to improve … Read more

Lecture: Drug Interactions and Drug-Induced Uveitis

During this live webinar, Dr. Moorthy will be discussing mechanisms of determining causality, identification of the drugs that have been implicated in uveitis and their relative likelihood of causation of uveitis. Each drug-induced uveitis will be described in detail as to its phenotypic appearance. The importance of differential diagnosis, the importance of appropriate review of … Read more

Conferencia: Toxoplasmosis Ocular

Toxoplasmosis ocular, causada por el parásito Toxoplasma gondii, es una de las causas más comunes de uveítis posterior en el mundo, y la principal causa de uveítis in Latinoamérica. En este webinar, describiremos los aspectos clínicos y curso de la toxoplasmosis ocular, y también el manejo de diagnóstico y tratamiento de esta patología infecciosa. Conferenciante: … Read more