Quiz: “Lump” Above Eye

You see an 18-month-old boy presented by his mother with a “lump” above his eye. You see this lump as shown in the picture. The child is described by his mother as “perfectly healthy”. She states that she just noticed this, but in retrospect she thinks that it could have been present for several months … Read more

Quiz: Cataracts

A 69-year-old female presented for a routine eye exam. She was concerned that her cataracts were progressing because of a modest decrease in her visual acuity over the last year. Examination of each cornea under certain biomicroscopic illumination revealed fine, particulate opacities as shown in two of the figures (with arrows).

Quiz: Reddish/Purple Hue on Skin

This 4-month-old child was noted by the parents to have just a slightly reddish/purple hue to the skin around the right eye at birth.  They now note this appearance that has gradually developed. What could this be caused by?

Quiz: Unilateral Ptosis

A 13-year-old female presents with unilateral ptosis as shown in the first picture above. The second picture is with patient’s mouth open.

Quiz: “White Bump”

A six-year-old girl was presented for examination with a history of having a “white bump” at the “edge” of her left eye. Vision was 20/20 in each eye and motility was normal. Refraction was + 0.50 sphere in each eye and the fundus was normal.

Quiz: Decreased Vision in Right Eye

A 40-year-old African female comes in complaining of decreased vision in the right eye. She denies any past ocular history, including no red eye, photophobia or trauma. The left eye appears normal.

Quiz: Abnormal Finding

A 55-year-old patient is referred to you from the diabetic clinic for an “abnormal finding” on a tele-retinal diabetic screening examination. The patient has had previous panretinal photocoagulation (PRP), but currently denies any recent visual changes.