Quiz: 40 Prism Diopter Esotropia

A 4-year-old male presents with a 40 prism diopter (PD) esotropia, present for the past few months. He is otherwise healthy and normal. At near fixation, the esotropia measures 55 PD. There is a fixation preference for the right eye but uncorrected visual acuities are normal at 20/20 in either eye and ocular motility is … Read more

Quiz: Possible Glaucoma Diagnosis Using AI

An 18-year-old male is referred to you for possible glaucoma. While the measured intraocular pressures are normal at the time of your evaluation, 18mmHg right eye and 17mmHg left eye, the cup-to-disc ratio is noted to be abnormally large, around 0.6 in each eye by your visual estimate. To help further evaluate these optic nerves, … Read more

Quiz: Loss of Vision & Mild Hypertension

A 52-year-old male presents with complaints of gradual loss of vision in his left eye over the past year. He has no other complaints or symptoms and his medical history is reported as negative except for mild hypertension. Blood pressure is 120/70. Best corrected visual acuity is 20/20 right eye and Counting Fingers at 5 … Read more