Quiz: V-Shaped Protrusion

The V-shaped protrusion of the lower eyelid, as seen in this photo on downward gaze, is known as what? Start Quiz  

Quiz: Proptosis, Erythema & Edema

This 14-year-old girl presented with a one-month history of intermittent proptosis, erythema, and edema of her right eye. There is no history of trauma or preceding upper respiratory infection. The symptoms have become worse over the last 6 days. Her visual acuity is 6/30 in the right eye and 6/6 in the left eye. What … Read more

Quiz: Infant Eyelid Lesion

A 2-month-old infant presents with this lesion of the left upper eyelid. The lesion was not visible at birth but appeared within a few weeks and has steadily enlarged. The child is otherwise healthy and well. What could it be? Start Quiz