Quiz: Progressive Decrease in Vision

A 42-year-old male presents with a slowly progressive decrease in vision for the past 1-2 years. Past medical history is significant for diabetes and hypertension. His medications are glipizide, metformin, lisinopril, hydrochlorothiazide and amlodipine. He has no known past ocular history. BCVA is 20/150 and 20/100 in the right and left eyes, respectively. Anterior segment … Read more

Quiz: Decreasing Vision & Worsening Eye Pain

A 64-year-old male with a past medical history of primary open angle glaucoma, hypertension and hyperlipidemia presents with decreasing vision and worsening eye pain. He had undergone cataract extraction, intra-ocular lens implantation and placement of a Cypass microstent in the right eye 5 days ago. His vision is 20/200 in the right eye (baseline vision … Read more

Quiz: Epiphora, Itching & Crusting

A 73-year-old African-American male presents with complaint of epiphora in both eyes.  He also reports itching and crusting for the last year after his cataract surgery. Despite using artificial tears 3-4x/day (minimal relief) and an oculoplastics evaluation for his lower lid ectropion, he remains symptomatic. His past ocular history is significant for hypertensive retinopathy, proliferative … Read more

Quiz: Right Eye Lesion

A 2-year-old otherwise healthy boy presents with a lesion of the right eye that has rapidly enlarged over the past 4 days. There is associated photosensitivity but no pain, redness, swelling or discharge. The patient is able to fix and follow well in both eyes and appears orthophoric. Intraocular pressures are normal. The left eye … Read more

Quiz: White Spot

This 46-year-old man presents with blurred vision in the left eye that has worsened over the past 2 days. He reports intense redness and pain in that eye starting one day earlier. He also reports a “white dot” on the cornea with slight blurring of his vision 2 months ago. He has no significant past … Read more

Quiz: Right Eye Pain

A 31-year-old Caucasian female presents with a 2 week history of acute onset of right eye pain followed 3 days later by subjective temporal field loss, blurriness of vision, and decreased color vision. The patient reports relatively severe pain with eye movements.  Other history is not significant. Examination showed best corrected visual acuity of 20/50 … Read more

Quiz: Stationary Blurred Spot

A 29-year-old white male presents with a small, stationary blurred spot in the center of his vision in the right eye that has been present for the past 2 weeks. Prior to onset of symptoms, he had recently recovered from a flu-like illness. He is otherwise healthy and reports no known past ocular history. He … Read more

Quiz: Photopsias

A 65-year-old white male with occasional photopsias is referred from an outside ophthalmologist for a pigmented lesion on his eye. This patient has an extensive cardiac history and a smoking history of 30 packs of cigarettes a year. Vision, intraocular pressure, pupils and anterior segment exam are normal for both eyes. Dilated fundus exam of … Read more