Quiz: ERG

TYK 12.14.17 (3)

TYK 12.14.17 (2)

TYK 12.14.17 (1)

History: A 69 year-old man presents with a complaint of decreased vision in both eyes and seeing “sparkles” when closing his eyes. He reports that his vision declined over a period of several years and that he underwent cataract surgery 2 years ago that improved his peripheral vision but not his central vision. He is currently on the medications: aspirin, vitamin C, and lutein. He denies any significant past medical history or family history of eye disease. On exam, his visual acuity was 20/60 in either eye with normal confrontation visual fields. Color plate testing was 4/14 correct in the right eye and 5/14 in the left eye. Slit lamp exam was normal except for pseudophakia in both eyes. Fundus photos, photopic, and 30Hz flicker ERG are shown above.

Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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