1. Congratulations !
    Comprehensive with good examples and treatment strategies !
    Could you make an webinar about Neurofybromatosis and succes rate cosmetically please .

  2. Is there a possibilty to present difficult cases in our practice to see how we can manage

    1. Dear Dr. Ashraf – thank you for your question. Yes, we have a free service where you can present difficult cases for advice from an expert. You can read more about Cybersight Consult here:


      Any eye health professional can create a free account and submit cases for consultation with international expert volunteers. We hope you find this service helpful!

      1. Dear Wael Zahran,

        You can submit cases and view them once you have access to our service.

        If you would like to access Consultation, please email us at [email protected] with a copy of your medical/professional license or student ID.

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