During this live webinar hosted with SightLife, Dr. Sangwan will demonstrate how to begin treating your chemical injury patients with Simple Limbal Epithelial Transplantation (SLET) surgery. Providing the tips and tricks needed to increase the recovery of ocular surface damage will be discussed.

Lecturer: Dr. Virender Sangwan, Director of Innovation, Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, Delhi, India


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October 27, 2020


  1. What a great and inspiring lecture by Dr Sangwan. Thank you. I will be grateful if I can get a video on preparation of fresh AMG from Dr Sangwan.

  2. This is a very nice lecture..thank you Dr. V.Sangwan for this valuable presentation. SLET was introduced to us in Sudan by Dr Pineda from Mass Eye and ear from Harvard..4 years ago. Since then I did 4 cases 3 were sucssessful. Here in Sudan we dont have fibrin glue except that provided by dr. Pineda..and in one case I had to use the sandwich technique so if you can talk more about it in the comming lecture.

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