Phacoemulsification may be a risky technique of cataract surgery in patients with corneal scar, endothelial diseases and post-keratoplasty scenarios. In all these compromised corneas, MSICS will make the surgery safer, faster and more cornea friendly. This talk will cover the use of modified Blumenthal technique of manual small incision cataract surgery in compromised corneas with the help of step-by-step videos and animations.

Lecturer: Dr. Rishi Swarup, FRCS, Medical Director & Senior Consultant, Swarup Eye Centre, India


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April 10, 2020


  1. Can i depend on previous biometry taken some period ago before the patient decided to undergo the cataract surgery ( by which time the k readings can not be obtained due to the corneal disease ) ??

    1. Please submit this question as a Cybersight General Question and we will arrange for a cataract-refractive specialist to discuss the specifics of the case with you. Thank you!

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