1. Surgery and methods great. This is of no use to people who are starting to put Toric IOL. My take is good Biometry and online Toric calculator with manual marking also give comparable results. Even when using projected markings a manual marking is needed. You could get almost 10* errors with projected markings.This presentation is very Alcon centric. J&J Toric IOL give great results.

    1. Hello Dr. Rangaraj,

      Thank you for your long term support of Cybersight and your thoughtful comment to our recent Live Surgery Webinar where I demonstrated recent technologies for both astigmatism management and mild-moderate glaucoma at the time of cataract surgery. I fully agree with you that accurate biometry, detailed data collection, toric calculators, and meticulous manual markings can yield excellent results- that is, in fact, how I started my journey in astigmatism management at the time of phaco surgery. I do, indeed, use Alcon technologies especially for 3D Visualization and ORA technology (at the time that I purchased these technologies they had FDA approval and I felt very confident with them). In my hands, I have had wonderful refractive results using these technologies and rarely get misalignment (please review the article that analyzed my refractive outcomes many years ago. Title = Comparison Between Digital and Manual Marking for Toric Intraocular Lenses: A Randomized Trial). Like you, I am continuously refining my cataract surgery techniques and it is feedback like yours that helps me in this pursuit. Please let me know your additional thoughts/additional recommendations. In the meantime, please take care and best wishes in the New Year.

      With great respect and gratitude,

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