1. Regarding Capillary haemangioma- now a days steroids are not the first choice. Propranolol gel and oral propranolol are more safer .

    1. Agree. Oral propranolol is particularly effective and is the current standard of care. Topical propranolol is generally disappointing. Oral steroids are reserved for refractory cases.

  2. Hemangiomas are one of the most common vascular tumors in infancy. In most cases no therapy
    is necessary and spontaneous regression is observed; however, if they arise in the periocular
    region, immediate action is required as rapid growth frequently leads to obstruction of the visual
    field with the risk of developing amblyopia and orbital suppression up to permanent disfigurement
    and stigmatization of those affected. Novel pharmaceutical treatment options led to a significant
    paradigm shift in the treatment of pediatric hemangiomas.

    1. For visually significangt capillary hemangiomas, oral propranolol has become the standard of care treament.

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