Cataract surgery in a 3-year-old child with unilateral white cataract of unknown etiology. It was a challenging case as the lens contents were liquefied. It is removed with a vitrector technique. A primary posterior capsulotomy was performed before placing the IOL in the sulcus. Non-preserved triamcinolone is used to stain the vitreous for anterior chamber cleanup.

Surgeon: Dr. Daniel Neely, Indiana University


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July 14, 2017


  1. The cataract was of unknown etiology but in this age group with a normal-sized eye and white, semi-liquified cataract I would strongly suspect a ruptured posterior lenticonus type cataract. This child and most like him would be offered lensectomy, primary posterior capsulotomy (it’s usually abnormal or ruptured, if not it will opacify and the child is too young to easily YAG) combined with PCIOL. If the PC is too fragile, I will sometimes place the haptic sin the sulcus and the optic in the bag.

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