Retinoscopy is an objective method of measuring the optical power of the eye. We use a retinoscope to illuminate the inside of the eye and to observe the light that is reflected from the retina. These reflected rays change as they pass out through the optical components of the eye, and by examining just how these emerging rays change, we determine the refractive power of the eye.

Retinoscopy Book WP LS

Download The Retinoscopy Book: An Introductory Manual for Eye Care Professionals

Authors: John M. Corboy, MD; David Norath, COT; Ron Stone, CRA; and
Richard Reffner, COT

Copyright © 2003


  1. This is really helpful. I would get my own copy.
    Eyes are one of the most important senses.
    Eyes are the windows for our souls.
    We should be eye health conscious.

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