1. Hello Dr. Christopher Tinley,
    Thank you very much for great webinar.
    I can’t to attend because of my work schedule.
    I also have question. Can we use botulotoxine for exotropia? For example I have patient 25 years old and now she gas exotropia after esotropia surgery in childhood?

    Dr. Olesia Ziiatdinova

    1. Hi Dr. Olesia Ziiatdinova,

      We reached out to Dr. Tinley with your question and he answered it below!

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      Dr. Tinley’s Response:

      Yes, you can use botox to treat exotropias.

      The technique for injecting toxin into the lateral rectus muscle is slightly different, but Dan or I could explain this in more detail should they wish to proceed.

      If this particular patient has developed an exotropia after having had esotropia surgery in childhood, I do not think toxin would be a curative treatment however.

      Further surgery is likely to be necessary.

      It all depends of course on the angle of the patient’s deviation and the number and types of prior surgery the patient has undergone.

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