Presenting a Cybersight Live Webinar

Thank you for your interest in presenting a Cybersight Live Webinar.

This page provides basic information and the process for faculty interested in presenting a Cybersight Live Webinar. Cybersight Live Webinars are live, global teaching events by video conference (Zoom). Faculty appear on camera and can screen-share a PowerPoint presentation or other training materials. All webinars are recorded and posted in the Cybersight Library.

Duration: We recommend 1 hour in total, with 45 minutes for your talk and 15 minutes for audience Q&A. Live Webinar panels (webinars with multiple speakers) can be scheduled for 1.5 hours.

Topics: Topics should be broadly applicable to a global ophthalmology audience. Most participants join from low/middle-income countries, and your topic and pearls should be transferable to low-resource environments.

Technology: A modern laptop/computer with a webcam and earphones/headset for audio are required. A fast, stable internet connection will ensure a smooth presentation, and we recommend a wired Ethernet connection (instead of Wi-Fi) whenever possible. More detailed instructions for these logistics will be provided after your webinar is booked.

Audience Questions: Interactivity is a critical part of a Cybersight webinar. Please encourage participants to type in their questions using the Q&A function. You may answer questions as you go or use the 15-minute Q&A period at the end. For many participants, this is a rare opportunity to directly connect with an international expert and questions are an important part of their experience.

Polls/Quizzes: Please include 3-5 poll/quiz questions to be asked of the live audience (Figure A1). Each multiple-choice question should be added as its own slide in your presentation, and ideally, be interspersed throughout the lecture (unless following a specific format). The Cybersight moderator will control the polling function when you reach that slide. Please allow 30 seconds for the audience to vote, after which the Cybersight moderator will display the results on-screen for discussion.

Format Style: We recommend incorporating clinical case studies and short videos to encourage audience interaction (Figure A2). Clinical case studies can include examples of patient cases or draw from your experiences. This will allow the audience to see how the webinar topic or concept is utilized clinically. Short videos can provide a visual glimpse into ophthalmic techniques. A combination of lecture discussions, case studies, poll questions, and short videos, are a few ways we promote interactivity.

Speak Slowly: English is a second language for many of our participants, so please slow your pace and enunciate to ensure your talk is clearly understood by everyone. Most events also have live closed captioning (English subtitles typed by a stenographer), and the stenographer will also benefit from a slower pace.

Preparation: A member of the Cybersight team will schedule a Zoom Test/Prep Session (ZT/PS) video call with you/all speakers in advance of your webinar (~a week before). We provide an orientation to the webinar software – for example, where audience questions will appear and how to share your screen – in addition to providing feedback on camera position, lighting, and audio to ensure a high-quality presentation and recording. We do not recommend virtual Zoom backgrounds or blurred backgrounds as this may disrupt connection quality; therefore, we recommend having your technology ready and being at the planned location during your webinar day to ensure connectivity (If not, please note a second ZT/PS may be suggested by Cybersight personnel to confirm the internet connectivity of your webinar location – thus, it is imperative to be prepared). 

Final Reminder: The day before the webinar, a Cybersight personnel will share a final email reminder. The final email reminder will include the link to submit your slides (if not sent already), the unique Zoom link to join the webinar, and a Registration Report. The Registration Report will reveal the registrants who have registered thus far and can be a way to help you gauge the audience. Please share your final PowerPoint presentation with embedded poll questions with the Cybersight moderator at least 24 hours before your webinar day.

Webinar Day: Please join 15 minutes before the start time using your unique Zoom link provided by the Cybersight personnel. At this point, please have all the required technology (laptop/computer, mic, headset/earbuds, latest Zoom update, a wired Ethernet connection) and final PowerPoint slides at the location with the best internet connection, preferably tested by Cybersight during the ZT/PS (Figure A3).

Evaluation: We ask every webinar participant to complete a satisfaction survey after the event ends. We will share these results with you, along with the number of participants and participating countries via email. The webinar recording and a PDF version of your PowerPoint will be posted 24-48 hours to our Cybersight Library after the webinar ends.


Appendix A


Figure A1. Example of a Poll Question

Figure A2. Example of a Case Study

Figure A3. Example of a Cybersight Live Webinar in Progress