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Integrated people-centered eye care (IPEC) is an important approach to delivering eye care services and a key part of the WHO’s World Report on Vision (2019) with which Orbis aligns its approach. The IPEC approach aims to shift focus from disease to whole people and expanding that care through the various levels of the health care system and across health sectors, providing a continuum of care throughout beneficiaries’ lives.

Several key resources and tools are available to support integration of IPEC into existing practice and improve eye-health seeking behavior and access to eye health, with a focus on crucial components for IPEC: patient education, counseling and community sensitization.

Webinars, Clinical resources and Online courses:

  1. Communication with Patients and Families
  2. Patient Communication in Ophthalmic Practices- challenges in the time of COVID-19
  3. Eye Care for Patients with Intellectual Disabilities or Neurodevelopmental Delays
  4. Pediatric Eye Examination for Nurses: A Guide for Primary Care Nurses
  5. Preparing our Low Vision Patients for Daily Living
  6. Introduction to IPEC training course – The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (

Several of Orbis’s Cybersight online courses cover patient counseling as it relates to specific sub-specialties, including special considerations and approaches around the delivery of difficult diagnoses/news.

Direct Patient Care Counseling resources:

  1. Eye Book, available in 12 global languages: The Eye Book: An Illustrated Guide for Patients – Cybersight
  2. Singing Tree, available in 11 global languages: Book: The Singing Tree – Cybersight

Global Orbis resources:

Orbis has numerous IPEC resources in local languages, including posters created for pediatric patients and their families. Design ideas are available here in Bengali, Vietnamese, Amharic, and Mandarin.

This example of a virtual training plan is available for those looking to implement patient education training.

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Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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