Pré-triagem do Cybersight para o treinamento Orbis

Este vídeo oferece uma visão geral de como selecionar e pré-selecionar casos usando o Cybersight para participantes de programas de treinamento cirúrgico da Orbis (incluindo treinamento em hospitais e no Flying Eye Hospital).



In this short video, we’ll explain how to use Cybersight to make your Orbis training as successful as possible. By now, you should have a Cybersight account with a username and password. If you are having trouble accessing your account, or don’t have one yet, just give us a shout. Okay. Let’s take a look at the pre-screening process. The goal of pre-screening is to discuss and select appropriate patients for training and treatment and to agree on a plan before the mentor arrives. Pre-screening helps to avoid unnecessary travel for patients whose cases are not appropriate for training, ensures that we have the right supplies and equipment and helps the mentor assess the training needs of the local doctors. Please use the following criteria to select patients. High priority should be given to suitable teaching cases, patients that would be otherwise unable to afford surgery, patients that are bilaterally blind, younger, and have a better surgical prognosis. Lower priority should be given to patients that are unilaterally blind, able to afford surgery, older, have a worst surgical prognosis, have had multiple prior surgical procedures, are VIP, seem likely to be noncompliant or not receptive to clinical education and post-op instructions.
To upload a case sign in to Cybersight and select Create a New Case, then Orbis Program Case. You can use the computer, tablet or smartphone. Include as much clinical information as possible, including photos and diagnostic report. Local doctors should upload 20 to 30 patient cases for each sub-specialty. The mentor will advise if the case is appropriate for the training program or request more information. After the training program ends, It’s important to use Cybersight to stay connected and provide updates on patients treated during the program. You are also welcome to use Cybersight for advice on any new patient cases, you’d like a second opinion on. Don’t forget that Cybersight also offers online courses, live lectures and live surgical demonstrations year-round at no cost. To stay updated on all our activities, make sure to read the Cybersight newsletter. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can learn more about how to stay involved by visiting Thank you for your attention. We look forward to making this an exciting and successful training program together.