1. I think that DDX is a list of conditions that can not be differentiated unless we run some investigations.
    I hope If the list of DDX is revised.

    1. A differential diagnosis is the list of diagnostic possibilities that exist from preliminary information obtained on history or examination. Further history, examination and testing allows one to refine the broad list of possible diagnoses down to a more limited number or only one possible diagnosis.

  2. Congenital cataract and ehe deviation in the eye indicate abnormal retinal coresponde due to amblyopia

    1. With a significant cataract, there is no retinal correspondence as the image is too obscurred. In a case like this, the exotropia would best be described as “sensory deprivation strabismus” which can be either esotropic (more common of congenital conditions) or extropic (more common of aquired conditions… but these rules are not definite).

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