Quiz: Subluxation of the Crystalline Lens

A 5-year-old male presents with decreased vision in both eyes. Uncorrected visual acuity is 6/120 right eye and 6/95 left eye. Slit lamp examination reveals that both eyes have the condition shown in the photo. What could be happening?


Last Updated: October 31, 2022

7 thoughts on “Quiz: Subluxation of the Crystalline Lens”

  1. This was very interesting. I like the hint and the note. It’s just like another CME for free. Thank you Cybersight!

  2. …pls what’s the optical correction for the Left eye?..,..‘cos amblyopia should be anticipated…my thoughts though 😛 thankss!

    • I agree that underlying amblyopia is possible and should be considered. The patient’s measured refractive error is in the answer to the first question of the quiz. To assess for amblyopia, one can dilate the pupil and measure the refraction through the aphakic space adjacent to the lens. If you then give this to the patient in a trial frame, you can remeasure visual acuity and have some idea of visual potential after surgery.


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