Volume I: Ophthalmic Nursing

Ophthalmic nursing encompasses many subspecialty nursing skills and areas of knowledge including clinical assessment and triage, pre-operative preparation, surgical intervention, anesthetics, post-operative recovery, instrument cleaning, medical treatment and evaluation, patient education and advocacy, and management.

Before we are able to function as a member of the ophthalmic nursing team, there are particular basic skills which, regardless of our sub-specialty, are important for ensuring effective patient care and for providing a safe work environment for ourselves and our fellow nursing and medical team members.

This module will provide you with the basics to function as a member of the ophthalmic nursing team. After this module you will then be ready to move onto other areas of your practice.

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Authors: Heather Machin RN, Ismael Cordero, Fiona O’Sullivan RN, and Eugene Helveston MD

Contributor: Jackie Newton RN

Editors: Eugene M. Helveston, MD, D. Hunter Cherwek, M.D, and Prof. Janet Marsden

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Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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