Cybersight Consult now supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) grading of colour fundus images attached to consultation cases.  The system is capable of detecting and visualising glaucoma, macular disease and diabetic retinopathy,

This service is available free of charge to eye health professionals in developing countries.

Note: this feature is an additional clinical decision support tool, and does not replace the advice of your assigned mentor.

To use this feature:

Video Demonstration

1. Start a new Patient Case, and select glaucoma, pediatric retina or retina/vitreous as the sub-specialty (only these sub-specialties are supported currently).

2. Select “Yes” for the “Run Automated Interpretation” option at the bottom of the page, and select up to 8 colour fundus images (FA and OCT are not supported at this time).
2Run AI

3. Submit your case.

4. You will be notified via email when results of the Automated Interpretation are available, normally in less than a minute.

5. The PDF report can be opened or downloaded from the case, and is available to you and your assigned mentor.
AI results


Sample Report:

Automated Interpretation_24889_Page_1

Automated Interpretation_24889_Page_2

Automated Interpretation_24889_Page_3


If you already have a Cybersight Consult account, you can log in and begin using this service immediately.  If you don’t yet have an account, please register here.