Achieving Excellence in Cataract Surgery, A Step-by-Step Approach

More than a dozen of the world’s finest surgeons have come together in this text to help you learn to perform phacoemulsification at its highest level.  Each has chosen one or more aspects of the procedure and has carefully analyzed the steps that are critical to the successful performance of that part of the surgery.

This text reflects the positive trends in how we are coming to embrace the science of ophthalmic surgery.  The physics that drives our cataract surgical instruments, the detailed exploration of techniques for each step of the procedure, the optics of vision correction and the outcomes data that speak to the quality of our interventions are all beautifully illustrated.  This will prove a valuable resource for beginning surgeons who will want to immerse themselves in the details of surgical technique before performing those techniques on their first patients, as well as for more experienced surgeons looking to continuously improve the outcomes for their patients.

D. Michael Colvard MD FACS, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, volunteer faculty, UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

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Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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