Simulation Center Manual & Annex

For the past five years, Orbis has adopted and adapted best practices in simulation from other industries and medical disciplines to create a state-of-the-art simulation center on board the Flying Eye Hospital. Orbis has also provided infrastructure, faculty development, curricula design and coaching to support global partners as they develop and integrate structured simulation training courses into their teaching institutions and programs.

This manual represents the culmination of Orbis’s experience delivering simulation training to thousands of eye care professionals, across several continents. The manual serves as a practical implementation guide for training hospitals and teaching institutions on establishing a simulation center, designing simulation training and ensuring ongoing management of the program. The manual provides ophthalmic departments with the resources they need to implement high-quality simulation training for ophthalmologists, ophthalmologists-in-training, ophthalmic nurses and anesthesiologists

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Orbis has also developed a number of simulation resources over the years that might serve as a guide for developing a program for your simulation center. All Orbis resources can be reproduced and adapted for educational purposes, as long as Orbis is referenced and credited. All resources are included as Annexes for your reference.

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Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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  1. Please in our countery we need this training program we are facing deficulties in equipment and facilities how can we achieve that

    • We have found that industry partners may be willing to sponsor the set-up of simulation centers, to support the further development of ophthalmology in a location. We recommend to partners interested in finding funding for simulation, to reach out to their industry reps with a proposal for sponsorship with equipment, instruments and/or consumables.

  2. Can you please advise how to establish a simulation training center in low income countries?
    Because of expensive equipments required.


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