1. Every lecture webinar finish,the participant must get the certificate of attendance immediatly like in Indonesia ‘s webinar to respect the participant.
    Than you.

    1. Hello Christina Aritonang,

      Thank you for your comment. If you attend a Cybersight webinar for at least 80% of the scheduled time, and you have a Cybersight account, you will automatically receive a certificate of attendance 24 hours after the webinar ends. We are unable to send the transcript immediately at this time.

  2. Regarding out door activities does this mean that Children should expose directly to sun light or just outdoor lights?

    1. It likely has more to do with “distance viewing” than the actual type of light. Chronic “near activities” such as reading, phones, laptops, tablets all stimulate accommodation and myopic shift over time. A new form of emmetropization if you will.

  3. Very informative lecture
    But There is no more words about congenital myopia and its treatment especially high myopia

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